Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rip Torn Arrest for Bank Break In

SALISBURY, Conn. -- Actor Elmore "Rip" Torn has been arrested for breaking into a Salisbury bank and carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

Connecticut state police said the 78-year-old Salisbury resident was arrested Friday night, January 29th, 2010, after police found him inside the Litchfield Bancorp with a loaded revolver.

The "Men in Black" actor was taken into custody and booked on numerous criminal charges, including burglary and possession of firearm without a permit.

He was held on $100,000 bond and is scheduled for a Monday appearance in Bantam Superior Court.

Last year, Torn was given probation in a Connecticut drunken driving case and granted permission to enter an alcohol education program. He also has two previous drunken driving arrests in New York.

A spokesman for Torn did not immediately return phone calls.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gary Coleman Arrest for Second Time in 12 Months

It's the end of the millennium: Russia is our friend, women's soccer is huge and Todd Bridges is the least troubled Diff'rent Strokes child star.

That's because Gary Coleman, who played cherubic Arnold on the early-'80s NBC sitcom, just got himself arrested for the second time in the last 12 months.

According to police in Hawthorne, California, the 30-year-old actor-turned-security guard was taken into custody last weekend at a sobriety check point. No, the 4-foot-8 Coleman wasn't accused of driving drunk. But, after spotting an expired license plate, the cops checked their computer and discovered Coleman was wanted on an outstanding warrant--seems the former child star never paid the $400 fine levied against him in February after he entered a no contest plea to disturbing the peace.

That, of course, was the plea-bargained-down charge against the 85-pound Coleman, stemming from his alleged attack on a 205-pound female bus driver in a Los Angeles store in July 1998. (Coleman's sentence also included a year's probation and anger-management sessions.)

Back in February, Coleman admitted to punching the driver, Tracy Fields, in the face. Eyewitnesses said the actor became enraged after Fields--unhappy with the autograph Coleman had given her--began harassing the erstwhile kid star about his lack of adult career success.

After police took him into custody Saturday, it reportedly took Coleman only an hour to come up with the $26,000 bail. (Hello, Mr. Drummund?) He's due back in court August 3.

Coleman's second arrest follows the overdose suicide in May of his 33-year-old Diff'rent Strokes costar, Dana Plato.

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old Bridges, who endured perhaps the most legal trouble of any of the three Strokes kid stars--including an attempted murder charge that he was later cleared of--has managed to stay out of police reports for several years now.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gary Coleman Faces $750 Fine and Three Months in Jail

Gary Coleman has not had the best luck with his career. It’s not really his fault, though, because how can you top being a child actor with stunted growth in an 80s sitcom that only requires you to pout your lips and say "What chu’ talkin’ about, Willis?" every six seconds and occasionally do episodes about inappropriate touching. Seriously, you’re at the top with that, and everybody knows it. The only thing left to do is to move to Utah.

You know Utah… Religious mecca, birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, home to Robert Redford’s trendy film festival, and the only place on earth that can proudly boast to having Jello as the state food. These are no doubt the very reasons that enticed Gary Coleman to move there in the first place. And what does Gary Coleman do to keep up with the spicy nightlife? He does the only sensible thing and gets cited for disorderly conduct after losing his temper in a parked car.

We’ve already presented the obvious virtues of living in Utah, but we should also add that it is also the only place in the world where people are so starved for entertainment that they’ll call the cops when they see an unusually short black guy hit the steering wheel of his car, because that’s exactly what happened to Gary Coleman when the police were called after onlookers observed Gary Coleman hitting the steering wheel of his parked car while in a heated discussion with a woman in Provo, Utah last Friday. The woman was not identified. Was that because it’s hard for an inflatable woman to talk? Who knows.

Regardless, the situation escalated to excitement and loud volume from Coleman once the police arrived. We swear we’re not making up the details of this scandalous event. Read for yourself:

Mr. Coleman was very excited and loud… At one point, he exited his vehicle, waving his arms, yelling and screaming," Cpt. Cliff Argyle told the Salt Lake City Tribune. "Vehicles were unable to exit the parking lot because of Mr. Coleman's actions."

Gary Coleman faces a $750 fine and up to three months in jail for his actions. If he gets sent to jail, don’t you worry. He’s guest-starred on both Hollywood Squares and Geraldo, so he knows what to do when the going gets rough.

We all know that hitting a steering wheel with your hands is only a smidge away from letting the blood of kittens in front of a shrine embodying the Spawn of Satan, but given the fact that Gary Coleman has a past history of violent confrontations (he was sued in 2000 for allegedly hitting a fan in the face) someone really should step in and help him with his anger management issues. Either that or they should put him on The Surreal Life where slapping and ranting are as common as a drunken Vern Troyer peeing off of his motorized scooter in the buff.

Actually, either way Gary Coleman wants to go with that one is fine with us.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gary Coleman - Assault Charges

Whatchu talkin' 'bout?

We must sadly report that the diminutive Diff'rent Strokes star is indeed wanted for questioning by Los Angeles-area police after allegedly slugging a female fan Thursday.

The 30-year-old Coleman, now employed as a security guard, was shopping for a bulletproof vest in a Hawthorne, California, uniform store, when he was accosted by an autograph hound.

The fan asked Coleman for his John Hancock, and the actor complied, signing his name on a slip of paper, according to the shop manager. The autograph-seeker, identified as Tracy Fields by police, then asked Coleman to write another, longer message for her son.

That's when Coleman allegedly snapped, accusing the woman of giving him "attitude." He handed her back the paper and made a racial slur, Lt. James McInerny of the Hawthorne police said.

"She [then] made a comment about his acting ability and he punched her right in the eye," the officer said. Coleman reportedly continued pummeling the woman until an off-duty cop who was also in the store pulled them apart.

Police are now looking for Coleman. They want his side of the story before deciding whether to file assault and battery charges against the onetime child celeb. He has until Friday afternoon to turn himself in.

Once the highest-paid kid on TV, Coleman saw his star fizzle with the cancellation of Diff'rent Strokes in 1986. He currently runs an arcade in Pasadena, California, and works as a mall security guard. He's also trying to resuscitate his acting career.

His TV siblings haven't fared too well in their post-Strokes lives, either. Bro Todd Bridges has been arrested on drug and assault charges and, in 1989, was acquitted of attempted murder. Sis Dana Plato's rap sheet includes arrests for forging Valium prescriptions and for robbing a video store with a toy gun. Both have since undergone drug rehabilitation

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adrian Pasdar Arrested for Allegedy Driving Drunk

"Heroes" TV actor Adrian Pasdar has been arrested for allegedly driving drunk and veering across lanes on a West Los Angeles freeway.

A California Highway Patrol report says Pasdar was pulled over shortly before 3 a.m. Wednesday after officers saw his Ford F-150 truck doing 94 mph and straddling two lanes on Interstate 405.

The 44-year-old actor was booked for investigation of driving under the influence of alcohol. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department says he was taken to county jail and released at about 8:30 a.m. on $15,000 bail.

Pasdar plays Nathan Petrelli on NBC's "Heroes." He's married to Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines.

A message left for his agent wasn't immediately returned.

Cameron Douglas

Michael Douglas' son has pleaded guilty to trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Cameron Douglas entered the plea Wednesday in Manhattan federal court. The son of the Oscar-winning actor was arrested in July 2008 at a Manhattan hotel.

He was originally put under house arrest. But he was thrown in jail after his girlfriend allegedly tried to smuggle heroin to him in an electric toothbrush.

Douglas has acted in movies including 2003's "It Runs in the Family," starring his father and grandfather, Kirk Douglas.

He faces a minimum 10 years in prison.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gary Coleman Arrest - Domestic Violence

Diff'rent Strokes star Gary Coleman arrested (Source: Reuters)

Actor Gary Coleman is shown in this booking mugshot from the Utah County Sheriffs Office. Diff'rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman was arrested at the weekend on a domestic violence charge.

The American actor - best known for his role as Arnold Jackson in the US sitcom - was being held for a misdemeanour count of domestic assault in Santaquin, Utah.

His bail was set at $1,725, as he also had an outstanding warrant for a prior incident.

A source told website RadarOnline: "He's been booked. He's in the jail right now."

The victim of the assault has not yet been revealed, and a police source wouldn't say if they had specifically sought to arrest Coleman or if they had picked him up after a chance encounter.

Former child star Coleman, 41, has, however, had a rocky marriage to actress Shannon Price, 24, whom he wed in secret on August 2007.

Their marriage has been beset with public and private arguments, and they appeared on US TV show Divorce Court to discuss their problems.

Price was arrested on domestic violence charges in July last year after an incident with her husband. She had locked the 4ft 8ins actor out of their house and police said his bedroom was trashed.

Coleman was also arrested in Utah in 2008 after a man claimed he'd tried to run over him in a car park after he tried to take a picture with him. The case was reportedly settled out of court.

Gary Coleman Arrested for Domestic Violence

Gary Coleman's in a little trouble. Again.

The diminutive former "Diff'rent Strokes" star was picked up in his Utah hometown yesterday on a domestic-violence warrant, sources said.

Cops in Santaquin, outside Salt Lake City, would not comment on the arrest, but Utah County jail records indicate that Coleman, 41, was being held in lieu of $1,725 bail for the 2009 warrant.

Coleman, who was arrested in 2008 for allegedly hitting a man with his pickup truck at a Utah bowling alley, did not return calls for comment.

The arrest is the latest blow for 1970s child star.

Coleman's relationship with his wife, actress Shannon Price, has been rocky over the years, although the alleged victim in the current case is not known.

In July, Price, who met Coleman on the set of the 2006 comedy "Church Ball," was nabbed for locking him out during a fight and trashing the house.

In July 2007, Coleman allegedly unleashed a verbal tirade at Price in a parking lot, leading to a disorderly-conduct charge.

The pair appeared on the TV show "Divorce Court" the next year, but later reconciled.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cyrus Zacharia "Zach" Shepherd-Oppenheim

The son of actress Cybil Shepherd is under arrest after he allegedly tried to rob passengers on a plane bound for Philadelphia International Airport. Philadelphia police say that Cyrus Zacharia Shepherd-Oppenheim, 22, was on a United flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Shepherd-Oppenheim is being questioned regarding allegations he went through passengers’ luggage while they were sleeping and took their possessions.

Witnesses identified Cyrus Shepherd-Oppenheim as the man who took items during the flight. Stolen Items included a digital camera, leather make-up case, small travel bag and United States currency. Police spokesman Lt. Frank Vanore said investigators were alerted when a carry-on bag appeared to be too large. A subsequent investigation showed some items identified as missing were located in an airplane bathroom, and some items were found at the defendant’s seat. All the items were recovered, Vanore said.Shepherd-Oppenheim was taken into custody at the airport and charges are pending. Police say Shepherd-Oppenheim of Sepastopolm, Calif., faces two theft charges for unlawful taking and receiving stolen goods.

Olivia Namath - Joe Namath's Daughter

MIAMI,Fla- Olivia Namath, 19, the daughter of NFL legendary Quarterback Joe Namath, was arrested by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Deputy this morning, January 11, 2010, for marijuana possession with the intent to sell.

The Deputy pulled over Namath after he caught her speeding in her silver Mercedes,near Jupiter, Fla. When he asked for Namath's driver's license, he immediately smelled marijuana, according to the police report. He asked Namath and two passengers to exit the vehicle while he searched it for drugs. The deputy found a bag of pot in the driver's floor board, and when he checked the trunk he found a collection of small bags of marijuana, which all together weighed over 200 grams. The search of the teenager's trunk also turned up an open bottle of Captain Morgan's rum, and 11 cans of beer.

Namath denied knowing anything about the marijuana in the car, but when asked if anyone else had access to her trunk ,she said no. She then refused to answer any more questions.

Namath was officially arrested for possession of marijuana under 20 grams, possession of alcohol by a minor, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.