Hire Maureen

Maureen McHale

"I have competitors, but I have no competition."
Web Marketing Consultant

Maureen is the CEO of HireMaureen, a Florida based web development company specializing in SEO, SMO, marketing, and content management. Her expertise has been proven in the solar, funeral, memorial, manufacturing, laser, semi-conductor and travel industries.

Maureen is passionate about the internet. Together with her extensive experience in marketing and public relations, she is a skilled professional and has worked for several large companies promoting their products and services. Her unique talent in adapting to any industry as well as her knowledge about those industries have earned her an eclectic following and online recognition.
  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Soup-to-Nuts Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Press Release Syndication
  • Twitter Promotions and Marketing
  • Facebook Promotions and Marketing
  • LinkedIn Promotions and Marketing
  • My Article Pages 18-19
    My Article Pages 38-39
  • Business Development

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