Social Media

Social media marketing doesn’t work as a one size fits all type solution. Every industry, every product, and every client is different. A cookie-cutter type social media strategy will fail.

I take the time to learn about each of my clients businesses and their needs. I analyze what their competition is doing. I look for opportunities and consider different strategies to achieve desired results. Only then do I devise and implement a personalized social media marketing strategy that will best maximize my clients particular individual, business, or organizational opportunities.  Some aspects of social media may not be a good fit for your company.  Through testing and keeping a close watch on resulting data, I can make recommendations for a strategy that will work for you.

Often my clients come to me knowing they need to have someone manage their blog and do some tweeting. Or they may come to me and tell me, “I keep hearing people talk about Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, what are these things and how can they work for me?”

If you have question about what social media can do for your company and need someone to manage your online social marketing, you’ve come to the right place.

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