Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amy Winehouse - Vacation Weight Gain?

December 2008

It's nice to see Amy Winehouse back healthy again, packing on the weight, and possibly laying off the crack pipe.

The British tabloids have been following her around, and have posted interesting stories about how she's been driving vacationers insane, and all of those topless photos.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Cleveland Browns' Donte Stallworth Was Drunk When He Struck Miami Man

March 20, 2009 - MIAMI — A Miami television station and newspaper are reporting that blood tests show that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte' Stallworth was driving drunk when he fatally struck a pedestrian last weekend.

It was reported Thursday that unnamed sources with knowledge of the investigation say that Stallworth's blood-alcohol level was between .08 and .16. The legal limit is .08. Other sources also reported Thursday that an unnamed source says Stallworth's blood-alcohol level was above the legal limit.

The Miami Beach Police Department is refusing to confirm the reports.

No charges have been filed against the 28-year-old Stallworth. Neither his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, nor his attorney, Robert Switke, returned calls from The Associated Press seeking comment.
Victim Mario Reyes died Saturday after being struck by Stallworth's Bentley at 7 a.m. He had just finished an overnight shift at the Port of Miami and was walking to a bus stop.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amy Winehouse - Marijuana Possession

October 2007

Amy Winehouse was arrested Thursday in Norway for marijuana possession. Authorities, acting on a tip "from a good source," arrested the 24-year-old singer, husband Blake Fielder-Civil and a male member of her touring party at around 6 p.m. in Bergen's Radisson SAS Hotel. They found .25 ounces of marijuana in the singer's room.
The three were held for about 12 hours in separate cells, fined and then released. Winehouse and Fielder-Civil paid a 500 euro ($714) fine, while the member of her touring party, Alexander Foden, who creates Amy's hairpieces, paid a 350 euro ($500) penalty.
"She paid the fine and she was released," a police source said. She and Fielder-Civil were "very cooperative. It's over." The scandal-plagued singer was hospitalized Aug. 8 and treated for exhaustion, the start of a roller-coaster ride of canceled commitments and impassioned pleas from her parents and in-laws to stop taking drugs. All of her U.S. appearances have been postponed until 2008. The arrest also comes after Winehouse had a shaky start to her European tour Oct. 15 in Berlin. The singer tripped and staggered as she walked on stage, then forgot the first few lines of a cover she performed of "Valerie," by British band The Zutons.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amy Winehouse and Husband Blake Fielder-Civil - Arrest Problems

December 2007

Singer Amy Winehouse was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of attempting to interfere with a court case involving her husband, Sky News reported.
Police would not confirm the report but said a 24-year-old was arrested during an appointment at a police station in connection with an investigation into perverting the course of justice.

Winehouse, 24, recently canceled all concerts and public appearances for the rest of the year on doctor's orders. Her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, was ordered held in custody in London last month on charges of perverting the course of justice stemming from a case in which he is accused of assaulting a barman in June.

Amy Winehouse Charged With Assaulting Fan

Fresh from a two-month Caribbean vacation, singer Amy Winehouse is due in court for an alleged attack on a fellow guest at a party last year.

The retro-soul singer was charged with assault Thursday for allegedly attacking a fan at an end-of-summer ball in London on Sept. 26, police and the singer's representative said.

Dancer Sherene Flash had been quoted by tabloid newspapers as saying she was hit in the eye by the 25-year-old "Back to Black" singer after asking to take her picture at the Berkeley Ball, a charity function held in central London's Berkeley Square.

Spokesman Chris Goodman said Friday that Winehouse went voluntarily to the police station, where she was arrested and charged. She's been released and is due to appear in court on March 17, police said.

Winehouse's battles with addiction and frequent run-ins with the law have been highly publicized. She was fined for illegally possessing marijuana in Norway in 2007, and her drug problems have been front page news in Britain, where she was pictured puffing on what appeared to be a crack pipe last year.

She also got a police warning in April of last year after scuffling with two men during a night out on the town in Camden, a young and raucous north London neighborhood known for its music scene — and drug culture.

Winehouse, who has been in and out of rehab, has recently returned from an extended break in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, reportedly to help her recover her from her fast-living lifestyle.
She recently left party-happy Camden for the more sleepy Hadley Wood area of Enfield, a borough in London's far north. The alleged assault took place before Winehouse's vacation and move to quieter quarters.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lindsay Lohan

We now know why there is a warrant out for Lindsay Lohan's arrest.

Sources tell us the honchos from the alcohol education program in which Lindsay is enrolled notified the court on Friday because she was not complying with the terms of her probation. We're told the violation does not involve an alcohol test, but rather enrollment in the program.

We've also learned Lindsay has a new lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley , and we're told her new lawyer will fight the warrant, arguing Lindsay has not violated any term of her probation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Andy Dick

Andy Dick had a warrant out for his arrest -- for a crime he didn't commit -- that is, until yesterday, when TMZ stepped in and unintentionally helped Dick get off.

Here's how it all went down: On February 6th, a Riverside County judge issued a bench warrant for Dick when Andy's court-ordered alcohol monitoring bracelet (SCRAM) tested positive for booze.

Andy is still on probation for that drunken fight at a chicken wing joint last year, so a positive booze test means he could have been arrested and hauled off to jail.

Andy says he never took a drink, and claimed booze on the floor of a comedy club must have set off the device -- but who's gonna believe that guy? Turns out, Dick was right.

When TMZ called the people who monitor the SCRAM they told us Andy's SCRAM turned in a "less than .02" reading, which, according to that group, means environmental circumstances probably DID cause the positive reading. The group incorrectly reported the incident as a "violation."

The court never noticed the mistake, until we started making calls on the situation. Eventually, we spoke to the DA, who informed us that the judge had rescinded the warrant -- because of the new information provided by TMZ.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Charles Barkely Serves Time for DUI

March 7, 2009 - PHOENIX -- Former NBA star Charles Barkley has begun serving a three-day sentence on a drunken driving charge.

Maricopa County sheriff's Deputy Lindsey Smith said Barkley reported to Tent City on Saturday morning. She did not respond to further requests for information. It's unclear whether Barkley is being housed separately from other inmates in the tents.

The 45-year-old basketball great pleaded guilty last month to two misdemeanor DUI charges stemming from his Dec. 31 arrest shortly after leaving a Scottsdale nightclub and failing a field sobriety test. A message left with Barkley's attorney was not immediately returned Saturday morning. Barkley said last month that he made a mistake and just has "to take the beatdown."

Friday, March 6, 2009

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. - Rapper Coolio

March 6, 2009 - LOS ANGELES -- Authorities said rapper Coolio has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of drug possession. He was arrested and booked on felony narcotics possession after being stopped at Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning.

The 45-year-old Coolio, whose real name is Artis Leon Ivey Jr., was released after posting $10,000 bail. The arrest was first reported by the celebrity gossip Web site Coolio's manager, Susan Haber, said she had not yet spoken with the rapper and could not comment.

The rapper, who gained fame for his 1995 single "Gangsta's Paradise," was arrested in June on an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for driving with a suspended license.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Chris Brown and Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty)

March 5, 2009 LOS ANGELES -- Chris Brown has been charged with two felonies stemming from what a police detective describes as a brutal argument between the singer and his girlfriend, Rihanna, provoked by her discovery of a text message from another woman.

Brown is expected to be arraigned April 6 on charges of assault likely to cause great bodily injury and making criminal threats. The 19-year-old R&B singer remains free on $50,000 bail.
The felony complaint handed down in court Thursday morning identifies Brown's alleged victim only as "Robyn F." Rihanna's real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

If convicted, the possible sentence ranges anywhere from probation to four years and eight months in state prison, said district attorney's spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons. According to a detective's affidavit, Brown and Rihanna got into a fight early Feb. 8 after the "Umbrella" singer checked her boyfriend's cell phone and found a text message from another woman.

Brown pulled his car over and tried to push Rihanna out, but she was still wearing her seatbelt, Los Angeles police Detective De Shon Andrews wrote. He said Brown pushed Rihanna's head against the window, punched her with his right hand, and then continued driving while hitting her, the affidavit states. He also bit his girlfriend on the ear, the affidavit states. The affidavit was filed as part of a search warrant request for the phone records of Brown, Rihanna and her assistant.

Brown allegedly threatened to kill Rihanna after she pretended to leave a phone message with her assistant, telling her to have the police waiting at her house. Andrews described Brown's blows as causing Rihanna's mouth to fill with blood. He also writes that Brown tried to choke Rihanna after she took the keys to his car away. Andrews wrote that Rihanna nearly lost consciousness but also tried to fight back while in the car, at one point trying to gouge at Brown's eyes.

Brown was arrested hours later and booked him on suspicion of making criminal threats. Police said at the time a woman identified Brown as her attacker during an early morning dispute in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood. A phone message left for Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, was not immediately returned Thursday. Brown's publicist Tony Knight said any statement would likely come from Geragos after today's hearing. Rihanna's spokesperson had no comment on the charges filed against Brown.

Brown issued a statement a week after the incident saying that he was "sorry and saddened" about the incident. Rihanna also later issued a statement, saying she wouldn't comment on the alleged beating at the request of authorities. She thanked fans for their support. Brown's arrest has seriously damaged the "Run It!" singer's squeaky-clean image, and compelled sponsors to drop him or not renew his deals. The alleged attack also came hours before the couple were scheduled to appear and perform at the Grammy Awards. Both were no-shows for event.